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2019 Aloha Week Parade

A fun time at the Aloha Week Parade as our members, and other club volunteers, helped celebrate the 73rd Annual Floral Parade. The route cruised along Ala Moana Boulevard from Ala Moana Beach Park, down Kalakaua Avenue to Kapiolani Park. This year's theme was Na Mo'olelo 'Ukulele, Ukulele Stories.

Obrigado to our banner carriers Paul and Kelsey, as well as to all of our members who participated; Paul Awong, Wilma Boudreau, Lawrence Cravalho, Sammy Long, Maryann Manyak, Lili Soloman, Lisa Soloman, Greg Perez, Beatrice Souza, UH Students Anna and Kayla. Josephine Carreira from Camoes. Dona Clamucha, Daniel & Phyllis Pires and Sanford & Maxine Tomai from Nova Esperança and Evelyn Starkey from Punchbowl Holy Ghost .

Also a muito obrigado to Aloha Festivals parade coordinator Mrs. Lee and Hawaii Council on Portuguese Heritage for making this event happen.


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